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Pictures taken driving over the Alpine Loop, Mount Timpanogas, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
Hello! My name is Norman. I'm 63, retired on disability due to a stroke and am building this site for my love of  Quakies and to share information where none is readily available.

I was raised in Utah near the Wasatch mountains and spent my early life fishing and hunting amongst these beautiful trees. I'm an engineer and not a Botanist or whatever they call plant experts. While living in Utah, I transplanted 100's of Quakie suckers down to the valley with a survival rate of zero. Very frustrating.

At 35, I moved east and now live in Atlanta Georgia, famous for beautiful Dogwoods, but not Quakies.

In August of  2001, I took my Southern wife June back to Utah to see the gorgeous Bryce, Zions, Grand Canyons and the Alpine loop at Mount Timpanogas and the Sundance resort. This loop is a narrow, winding quiet drive over the mountain thru groves of thousands of Quaking Aspens. June was amazed and impressed with all of it.

Back in Atlanta and home sick for familiar things, I found a source of small Quakies from a nursery in Florida. I bought six approximately 16" tall, thinking if they'll grow in Florida, they will grow in Georgia! (They are normally found in colder climates above 6,000 feet). I planted 3 of these little fellows and gave 3 to one of my sons. They were purchased from Empire National Nurseries in Naples  Florida. I was pleased with the quality and condition of these little trees, but there was no guide to growing the trees provide with the sale.

These photos taken on the approach to the North rim of the Grand Canyon. Of note is the Quakies edged a huge, miles long and very wide beautiful meadow that appeared manicured!
Before proceeding, I would like to point out that I searched the web tirelessly to find information on growing Quakies and Quakie seedlings and found little useful information! I found sources to purchase seeds and small trees and many extremely technical sites, but really nothing to give me basic help. This site is an attempt to eliminate this void thru my personal experience and the experience that hopefully will be shared by others. This site is not commercial, but will have many non-commercial and commercial links about quaking aspens for your use and reference.

Growing my nursery bought trees.

My 1st 3 Quakies growing in Georgia, June 2002

Quakies 7/14/02, the tallest tree is over 80"

Year 1...I planted the little 16" trees March  2002, in a fairly close clump of  3 where they would receive full sun about 6-8 hours a day in the summer. My scientific site selection was based on where I could watch them grow from my porch swing. Just dug three holes and put them in. No special site preparation. My soil is a sandy clay and a little acidic.

I watered them well at least twice a week and fertilized them with slow release pellets. Accordingly they grew slowly. It seems every bug in Georgia learned about and visited these trees. I didn't spray them, but squashed many worms, beetles and other I don't know what alls I caught  trying to eat my trees. The trees barely survived the first year and grew less than 18", far less than the optimistic 3' plus growth rate predicted.

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Year 2...This year I vowed to aggressively do something about the bugs. Again I searched the web and found a  bug killer made from Chrysanthemum's, water soluble and claimed  "Won't harm delicate plants". I didn't know if my Quakies fell in the "delicate plant" category, but that's where I placed them. I  cut the stuff 50% with water, said a prayer and sprayed my quakies, trunk and all. It seems to be working. Its mid May and there is not a single leave chewed on the trees! I give each bundle of new growth of leaves a light squirt of the bug spray. I am still not out of the woods, because I'm sure there are other bugs yet to come this year to test the spray. I inspect the trees at least twice a day, but only find a few ants. After heavy rains, I re-spray. This spray is "Spectracide" Houseplant Garden Insect Spray, available at Home Depots and possibly K-marts.

Year 2....Its April, 2003 and my trees are leafed out and growing like weeds. I treated them 3 times with Daconil 2787 and no sign yet of previous fungi problems. I have not yet sprayed with Sevin, because no real bug problems, except a few caterpillar types that I plucked off the squished. I have my liqid Sevin and insecticidal soap on the ready if needed.

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Continuing with my growing my nursery bought trees!

At the start of this growth season, one of the trees looked stunted and seemed  to have a few dead limbs. Resist the temptation to trim the dead limbs. They eventually sprouted leaves and this stunted tree is rapidly catching the other two in height.

This year I am treating the trees with a gallon of  water mixed with a tablespoon of Miracle Grow General Purpose fertilizer for all three, applied every other week on the ground only. I would not apply to the foliage, as this might interfere with or wash off the precious bug spray protective barrier. I also don't spray the trees with water for the same reason. Let me know if there is a better  fertilizer.

The growth rate is amazing! Averaging a half inch a day! At this rate, depending upon how long the growth season is (experts comment on this please), they should easily grow an additional  48 inches this year and I'll be a happy camper. ( tree grew over 5')

The trees seem to be out-growing the trunks, so I staked them to keep the wind from beating them to death. This leads to some of my questions:

  • When do the trunks grow to match the tree height? No clue...they seem very spindly, but tough.

  • When do the trunks turn white? Answer-2nd to 3rd year

  • Is there a fertilizer that would promote trunk growth? No answer yet

  • Is staking them taking away their ability to gain trunk strength? I remove the staking when they seem stong enough to stand the wind. Not scientific I know. I believe this will allow them to strengthen

I'll give up-dates on these trees as they grow and periodically show new pictures.

New plan...growing my own trees from seeds!

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If you have hung in there this long.............. thank you. I believe in time, this site will have some value to those like me that are less than adept at growing things, especially these precious trees, but your input is needed. 


Please e-mail  me at [email protected] with questions, comments, advice and I'll start a "Shared information" page for all to see, which is the real intent of this site. Plant tree experts are welcome to participate, because we will obviously look seriously at their advise
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